Other Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows
There are times when a loving couple, who have been happily married for many years, decide to renew their vows. Or if you have been married in one of the countries that legally recognise same sex marriage, understanding that you are now legally married in Australia, and you may want to renew your vows in front of your family and friends in Australia. Please let me write with you and deliver a wonderful service to celebrate your love and the wonderful time you have had being married to each other.

Commitment Ceremony
I understand that special need for two people in love who want to make lifetime commitment and partnership vows in front of their family and friends but do not wish to marry, then this is a Commitment Ceremony.

Naming celebrations
What greater joy than the birth of a new member joining your family. I would love to make it even more special with a naming ceremony to honour the happiness you both now feel everyday.

At a time of great personal sorrow please let me help and guide you and your loved ones through this emotional service with quiet restraint and love. The service will be a celebration of the life of your loved one.